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The BITE of BITE & Tackle is where this story begins...

BITE was founded in 2004 by chef and owner Scott Skey

After over a decade's experience in renowned NYC kitchens, Chef Skey opened BITE, hoping to bring a contemporary culinary sensibility to the event arena - celebrating quality ingredients, creative compositions with comfortable and charismatic service.

Over a decade later, BITE new york is one of NYC's leaders in upscale catering and catering innovation - authentic, creative, and ingredient driven cuisine matched with a talent for customization and collaboration.

In 2015, B&T was created from our want to bring the  BITE experience to a broader audience.

By eliminating a lot of the costs and time-consuming complications associated with a fully produced BITE event (limited menus and straight-forward design) BITE & Tackle was born. 

BITE & Tackle NYC catering. No assembly required.

BITE & Tackle

BITE & Tackle is a truly rare and unique catering experience. Honest, quality catering in NYC is always coupled with a thoughtful but time consuming and expensive process of contract revisions and menu designs. 

Every event BITE new york produces involves separate rental vendors, visual designers, large staff charges and accommodations - the filing of permits and the submission of multiple insurance policies - custom menu designs and revisions AND long and complicated contracts that reflect all aspects of what it takes to design a fully produced event. 

All of the different components of what make up a catered event involve a large investment of time, and, as the saying goes: TIME IS MONEY. 

BITE Tackle is designed to drastically reduce the amount of customization in both menu and service while maintaining a high quality product that works in a wide variety of catering situations. LESS TIME equals LESS MONEY.

Our B&T menus are carefully crafted to minimize our waste and food costs while still confidently highlighting the best of what the season has to offer. Put another way - B&T's standardized menus use what BITE new york already has in stock for our custom designed events and we're able to add to our existing produce orders & prep lists without much added cost. The savings from our carefully crafted B&T menus are then able to be passed down to you, the customer.

Because B&T has a digital ordering process, there's no contract to write, no producer to hire and virtually no time spent planning.  It's clean, easy, simple, and FAST.  There's very little overhead costs and, therefore, those savings are - again - able to be passed down to you, the customer.

Our service design for each B&T party is an additional element that simplifies most catered events. We've designed our menus in a way that we can confidently produce our high-standard of quality with very little setup or onsite preparation.  We've eliminated the need for a kitchen staff - a single expo position, who's been trained to properly finish each menu item without the need for a full kitchen team, is all that it takes.

BITE Tackle is incredibly versatile, engaging, delicious and EASY. We truly believe in its potential and in its quality - we know you will too.